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Kajdi Kristály


Dear visitor,

You are more than welcome to my website! I am Imre Kajdi, glass-engraver, glass-grinder, glazier.

Since 1990 I have offered my glass products for sale in my own shop, located in Balatongyörök, along road 71. As I have personal contact to my clients I can so-to-say explore what they need, so I am able to provide a customer focused service.

My profession includes the following activities:

  • grinding crystal (lead-glass) works
  • grinding different glass products for daily use
  • grinding plate-glass
  • sand-blasting
  • engraving
  • glazing
  • presenting, demonstrating what my trade is all about to my visitors

After obtaining the raw glass products from the glass-works I start with 'coarse grinding' then I send the half-ready items to acid treatment. When the treated glass products are returned to me I polish them and give them the 'final touch': I finish with grinding the fine patterns.

Crystal glasses, jugs and other articles have a lead content of at least 24% and feature deep tones, beautiful shine and a nice clink.
On the normal glass products, which are intended for daily use, I usually grind simpler, unpolished patterns.

Kajdi KristályThe patterns I use reflectmy own ideas, the compositions are created using the basic patterns I had learned during my studies combined with my own inventions. In case of a set of 4-8 glasses all items are decorated with the same pattern but on gift ideas (like vases, ice buckets or goblets) I tend to use different patterns to make them unique.

On request I also grind glass plates (mainly used in furniture) and I also use sand blasting technique for decorating glass products.

If you have something special in mind, which you would like to see on a nice glass product do not hesitate to contact me so that we can figure out how to make it happen. I gladly engrave names, initials, a slogan etc., to make the present even more personal. Besides, as I know that old „relics" can mean a lot to their owners I also repair old glass products.

In my shop I do my best to offer my products at competitive prices. Pay a visit to Balatongyörök and find out!

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