Kajdi Kristály
Kajdi Kristály

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I was born in 1954, in Ajka-Tósokberénd.

My professional studies started in the Glass Works of Ajka, in 1968.

After the final exams for skilled workers and after winning a national competition (in 1971 I was given the prize Young Master Craftsman in Glass-Grinding (A Szakma Ifjú Mestere) I made my glass-grinding master's examination in 1981, and in 1982 I received my skilled worker's certificate in glazing.

Since 1983 I have worked as independent craftsman. At first I supplied resellers with my products and did quite a lot of glazing jobs. Nowadays the modern glazing techniques require a large number of special tools and expensive equipment so I focus on creating, I invent new patterns and motifs for grinding and sand blasting.

Since 1990 I have offered my glass products for sale in my own shop, located in Balatongyörök, along road 71. As I have personal contact to my clients I can deliver a customer focused service.


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